Why should you resurface your pool deck?


Aside from the fact that damaged concrete looks unsightly, too many cracks can make your pool area extremely dangerous for swimmers. Moreover, sharp concrete pool edges aren’t exactly friendly to bare feet. And even a light fall on concrete can hurt you and your family and guests more than just skinned knees.


In addition, the pool water can seep into cracks and chips, ending up getting collected behind the pool walls. Too much water behind the walls can shift the soil, crack the liner pool, and then cause pool leakage.


It’s best to promptly resurface your cracked/chipped pool, as fixing the poorly maintained concrete pool can be very expensive. You can resurface your swimming pool by hiring professionals like Revive Concrete Tampa to do your job.


Steps involved to resurface a pool deck?


If you’re planning to have your pool deck resurfaced, here are the steps involved by Revive Concrete Tampa:


#1. Prepare & Repair your floor 


#2. Clean and prime the floor 


#3. Use professional pool deck products  


#4. Apply overlay 


#5. Cure and Seal

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